Project Isabel Zendal Design by Pablo de ParlaProject Isabel Zendal Design by Pablo de Parla

Isabel Zendal Association

Isabel Zendal is an association named after the famous Spanish nurse who in 1803 travelled halfway around the world to bring the smallpox vaccine to thousands of people. This association, formed by Spanish nurses, was created with the aim of giving support and advice to Spanish-speaking nurses and health workers who decide or want to move to live and work in the UK. It is the first to be dedicated to this and is subsidised by the British government itself. After the briefing and the search for information, I decided to make a mix of concepts between the British flag, called Union Jack, and the famous attire or tunics worn by this sector in hospitals and medical centres. I also opted for a typography that was easy to understand and that evoked transparency and...
Project Fuerza Natural Designed by Pablo de ParlaProject Fuerza Natural Designed by Pablo de Parla

Fuerza Natural

Fuerza Natural is a company based in California, Mexico and Madrid dedicated to Renewable Energies, its image is based on the chemical structure of chlorophyll, mention of the client referring to the operation of sunlight transformed into life. The graphic applications in this case are focused on the Spanish-speaking public. Violet arises from one of his colors in the briefing, but I chose it because all the companies in the sector were full of yellows, oranges, greens and blues, that way, I can differentiate the customer’s brand from its competitors. After the shape of the imagotype, it gave me a pattern to continue with graphic applications. These kinds of initiatives are what will make the world a better place. And you, do you get involved with the...

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